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…I was very impressed with the infrastructure and academic facilities on the ground.

The University of Michigan as well as Ahmadu Bello University’s professor of Agricultural Economics, Maiyaki Damusa, visited the proposed Pen Resource University, Gombe, on Monday, February 28, 2022. 

Professor Maiyaki was at the university for a solidarity visit.

The promoter of the PRU, Dr. Sani Jauro, received the professor heartily and conducted him around the proposed university. 

Commenting on the proposed varsity, Prof. Maiyaki Damusa thanked and commended the promoter and the proprietors of the university for their efforts and doggedness in establishing such a marvelous university that can compete all over the world.

Prof. Damusa said that he was greatly impressed to see a university that’s about to take off with the kind of richness in infrastructure and facilities that most public universities (both federal and state) are lacking.

I was greatly, and I mean it, greatly, impressed that a university that’s on takeoff stage has such an infrastructure that most of the public universities (state and federal) do not have. It’s highly commendable to whoever or a group of people that have come together to establish this university. This demonstrates a clear sacrifice and commitment to set goals that assure everybody that a world-class university in the name of Pen Resource University is in the offing, “the prof said.

Damusa expressed that his greatest impression and satisfaction is that the university did not fall from the heavens; it was nurtured from the grassroots and started from the Nursery/primary school, then to secondary school, and finally to the university level. 


He added that the Pen Resoure Academy, Gombe, had represented Gombe State and won the first position at the national competition of the 774 YONSPA.


“It is a great commendation to have such a school from the Northeast, a region that’s labelled with the issue of insecurity but opportune to a school that would compete with the 774 schools across the country and come out the best,” Maiyaki commended.


The Agricultural Economics professor uttered that when the proposed PRU finally takes off, it will surely create a great landmark not only for Gombe State but for the Northeast, Nigeria, and Africa at large.

Abu-Ubaida Ibrahim Kuna writes from the proposed Pen Resource University, Gombe

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