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The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has recently approved the establishment of the Pen Resource University, Gombe, to commence academic activities.

A lecturer from the Federal University of Kashere, Hajara Sani Labaran, PhD, has donated hundreds of copies of books to the Pen Resource University Gombe. She described the university as a welcome addition to Gombe State.

In his introduction, the director of academic planning designates of the Pen Resource University, Dr. Sani Isyaka, said that Dr. Hajara was at the university to donate the books upon hearing the news that the university had secured its approval to commence academic activities by the federal executive council.

“Here with us is Dr. Hajara Sani Labaran from Federal University Kashere. She heard about the news of the approval of the university to commence academic activities by the FEC and decided to donate some books to the university which she has authored,” Dr. Isyaka said.


Dr. Labaran stated during the handing over of the books to the promoter of the Pen Resource University that the university is timely and a welcome development for Gombe State.

“This is good news for Gombe State and Nigeria in general as this university is now at our doorsteps. Being the author of these books, I am here to donate the books I have authored, “Hajara said. 

In his thank you message, the promoter of the Pen Resource University, Dr. Sani Jauro, welcomed and thanked FUK’s lecturer for her gesture of donating the books to the university.

The promoter noted that Dr. Hajara was the first to donate books after the university had secured its license.

Dr. Sani added that before the license of the university, the first person to donate books to the university was Justice Abubakar Jauro, of blessed memory, who, after retirement, donated all his books to the university’s library, followed by the family of the late Justice R.D. Muhammad of Kano, who donated the law books left by their father.

Copies of the books donated by Dr. Hajara Sani Labaran were Microbiology at A Glance 1st and 2nd editions, and Medical Microbiology: A Guide to Laboratory Techniques, first edition.

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