About Pen Resource University

The Pen Resource University is established by Pen Resource Academy (PRA), which is a private and coeducational group of schools located in Gombe, Gombe State in the North-eastern part of Nigeria. The University is to respond to the societal needs for higher education in the north-eastern part of Nigeria and the nation at-large. The Pen Resource University plans to offer unique university education that equips students with contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist in solving problems of the society. 

The Campus

At Pen Resource University, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills and build a network of industry contacts.

The PRU city campus is beautiful, modern, and conducive.  The campus comprises 12 new buildings including

  • The Senate Building
  • Academic Staff Office Complex


Science and Computing

The Faculty has three departments


The Faculty has three departments

Communications, Management & Social Sciences

The Faculty has four departments

The student completes an application form on the admissions portal or the paper format, attaches required documents and materials or sends the application to the Admissions Office, The Admissions Office notifies the applicant by email, SMS and Phone Call of the receipt of his or her application.

The Admissions Office notifies the candidate in writing of the application’s acceptance or non-acceptance. If the application is successful, the acceptance letter provides a list of things that the student needs to do in order to secure a place at the university, NOTE: The acceptance process does not proceed until all required documents are submitted and included in the applicant’s file.

Successful applicants are required to make a non-refundable payment of N30,000.00 by the stipulated date. The accepted student will get full value of the acceptance deposit as it will constitute part of the student tuition and fees.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?