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The Nigerian college of Accountancy (NCA) and Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) have expressed their profound gratitude to the proposed Pen Resource University Gombe for honouring them to write their professional exams in one of the State-of-the-art facilities of the proposed University.

Speaking during a thank you visit to the Promoter of the proposed PRU, on behalf of ANAN’s exams committee, Mr. Chukwumeka Ukomadu, conveyed the College’s and Association’s profound gratitude for the opportunity given them to write their first professional exams in one of the well-equipped halls of the Proposed Pen Resource University. 

Mr. Chukwumeka described the gesture as special honour to the college and the members of the association in general.  

Chukwumeka Ukomadu said that ANAN decentralised its exams to allow people have proximity to exam centres. Gombe happened to be one of the centres for Northeast and the proposed Pen Resource University has been chosen to be the centre for the exams this time around.

He commended the efforts of the promoter and the members of the planning and implementation committee for making Gombe to be the first host of an indigenous private university in the whole of the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

Ukomadu noted that the proposed Pen Resource University will undoubtedly add more value to the education and employment chain in the Northeast and the country at large. 

Responding to the ANAN’s representative, the promoter of the proposed Pen Resource University Gombe, Dr. Sani Jauro thanked the association for recognising PRU to be the centre to write their exams believing that there were places the association used to write the exams before but ANAN found PRU befitting and conducive to write the professional exams this time around.

Dr. Sani Jauro described it as a great honour to the Proposed varsity. “We are very grateful to ANAN Gombe State chapter and the national body for giving us this privilege to host the exams”, he said.

Dr Jauro reiterated that the proposed PRU is very proud to associate with the members of ANAN.

He informed the association that Accounting is one of the courses the University will offer for take-off.   The promoter seeks the partnership with ANAN to make PRU as their study centre because the PRU will integrate its accounting curriculum with that of ANAN so that its accounting students will find it easier to sit for and pass the ANAN exams before graduating from the university.

Jauro promised to create good synergy with ANAN so that Nigeria will create more “highly trained and able Accountants. Accountants that can deliver the books and add value to Nigeria”.

“For every business to succeed and for every government to succeed it must have good and sound accounting system, if you loose it from the accounting circle, everything is gone, so if we want to add value to the nation, we have a duty to produce very sound and good accountants, intelligent accountants and young men that can be very creative and improve on the accounting culture that is obtainable in the country”, Dr Jauro said.

 Mr. Chukwumeka Ukomadu was accompanied by the Assistant of Head of Human Resource ANAN secretariat , Abuja, Mr. Femi Jogunade, the Assistant Head of ICT of the Nigerian College of Accountancy,  Kwall Jos, Hajiya Jamila Danladi, ANAN vice Chairman ,  Gombe State Branch,   Mr. Bilal Hamma Nitte and the Secretary to ANAN Gombe Branch, Abubakar Lamido.

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