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The executives of the GSU Alumni Association visited the proposed Pen Resource University Gombe on Friday, September 11, 2021, led by its National President, Dr. Adamu Jibir of the Department of Economics.

Disclosing the purpose of the visit, the association’s national leader said that the alumni were at the proposed varsity to witness the tremendous efforts and commitment put in place.

Dr. Adamu Jibir said that the members of the executive were astonished by the modern facilities on the ground.

While going around the proposed PRU, we were all overwhelmed, overwhelmed in the sense that our minds went to the fact that these are things that Gombe was supposed to have long before now, “the president said.

 Adamu Jibir commended the promoter of the proposed university, saying that the proposed university has come on board through his wisdom.

 Jibir added that the proposed university will surely benefit not only the indigenous of Gombe State but the entire people of the Northeast, Nigeria, and the world at large. 

The president pleaded that the proposed Pen Resource University should consider the members of the GSU Alumni while recruiting both teaching and non-teaching staff, as the association has capable and intellectually sound graduates across the country. 

While complimenting the efforts of the promoter, the president, on behalf of the executives and members of the association, has appointed Dr. Sani Jauro as an “ambassador of education in Gombe State”.

Dr. Jibir said, “The Gombe State University Alumni Association has named you as an Ambassador of Education in Gombe State, and we look forward to a formal ceremony in the near future.”

In his address, the promoter of the proposed Pen Resource University, Sani Jauro, Ph.D., welcomed and thanked the President and his council members for the visit. 

Dr. Sani Jauro said that the proposed PRU is honored to receive the Alumni Association of the great Gombe State University, which is one of the best state universities in Nigeria. 

“For the GSU Alumni Association to show interest in what we are doing, it shows that the future is promising,” he said. Dr.

Sani Jauro was happy to note that most of the council members of the GSU Alumni are Ph.D. holders.

He revealed that the issue of a pen resource university has been on the table since 2007, but the proprietors decided to start with the nursery, primary, and secondary school levels, which has now given birth to the proposed Pen Resource University. 

Referring to the request of the National President of the GSU Alumni Association, Dr. Sani Jauro said that PRU is meant for the members of the association. 

Jauro added that the policy to be used in recruiting staff at the institution is to look for young academics with strong brainpower who can lead the university to realize its vision.

Certainly, in the beginning, we have to get senior academics that have distinguished themselves in academia and who have the capacity to groom the young ones so that they can take over and make a difference.

He reiterated that PRU is a university established to make a difference, a university that will as much as possible be devoid of all the problems bedeviling the university system in Nigeria.

We are going to establish a university that will respect lecturers and students. A university that is meant for students and young lecturers to discover their best. He added that a university that will groom young academics with strong brainpower and will undertake ground-breaking research that will be useful to the immediate community and the nation at large,

The promoter finally thanked and appreciated the previous leadership for donating seedlings to the proposed varsity and promised to keep and continue to value the relationship between the PRU and the GSU Alumni Association, making it stronger and stronger.

Kuna writes from the proposed Pen Resource University, Gombe.

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